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TyTran is the Tysons Partnership Transportation Council, working together to develop transportation strategies that keep Tysons moving.

The Tysons Partnership is a dynamic association of engaged citizen and business organizations working with local government to transform Tysons into America's next great city.

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Subject to County approvals, TyTran will evolve into a full service transportation management association (TMA), helping to develop and implement collaborative strategies to achieve a Tysons multimodal transportation network.

Working with businesses, employees, owners and residents, TyTran will promote public transportation systems, paths for walking and bicycling, transportation demand management, and build-out of the Tysons grid of streets.

TyTran/Tysons Partnership Transportation Council
Co-Chair: Aaron Georgelas / Co-Chair: Keith Turner
Fairfax County Representative: Daniel Rathbone
Fairfax County Representative: Tom Biesiadny

For more information
Michael Caplin, Tysons Partnership Executive Director
703-939-4719 | macaplin@tysonspartnership.org.


TyTran provides weekly electronic updates on transportation issues.

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